Home Staging

The sale of a property requires flair and intuition as well as a good strategy. Buyers in today's market are demanding and choosy. This requires your property to be presented particularly well, in order to attract potential buyers/tenants from the start, i.e. from the first pictures on the internet platforms.


We prepare and stage your property for those all-important photos and viewings and make it attractive to the largest possible target group.


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Home Styling

Is there a room in your home that has no specific purpose? Or is a corner of your living room without use? Or do you find a piece of furniture is constantly in your way? 


We look forward to optimise your living space. There is no need to buy new furniture. We work with your favourite things and simply move them in the best possible space and light. Of course we will assist if you decide to buy new furniture after all.


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Would you like to have cosy and functional surroundings in your new home, but don't know where to start?


With our method of visual coordination we place your furniture for a balanced and organised sense of living for your new home. With the help of our three-dimensional plan your move will be fun. You can see whether you need more lamps or furniture, even before you move.


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